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César Bono was hospitalized in an emergency

César Bono, Mexican comedian and actor who is now 71 years old, was admitted to a hospital emergency due to a bleeding stomach ulcer.

César Bono is in delicate health. That is how his daughter María Rosa expressed it, who in a phone call asked for prayers for her father and confirmed that the family is going through very difficult times.

Not well. "It's very serious"

The 71-year-old actor was admitted to an emergency room in a Mexico City hospital due to bleeding from a stomach ulcer. His daughter María Rosa Queijeiro asked for blood donors.

After the surgery, the comedian César Bono remained stable, according to his daughter, he has a better countenance. However, it was revealed that the comedian returned to the operating room for a perforation in the duodenum, the first part of the small intestine that connects to the stomach.

César Bono had a staging of the play. Defending the Caveman" which is the protagonist, however, the production announced that the performance of March 5 and 6 in Mexico City will be postponed due to the actor's delicate health.

"We hope for his speedy recovery," said the production of the play.

César Bono is not the first time he has been hospitalized for intestinal problems, in 2019 he faced problems and was hospitalized, in March 2020 he was hospitalized for a hiatal hernia and last year he beat Covid-19. In addition, he has overcome eight cerebral infarctions and one to the myocardium, which causes mobility problems and forces him to use a walker, cane, even a wheelchair.

In truth, César Bono is a tremendous warrior who fights for his life.

We hope that César Bono recovers soon.

Cheer up Cesar Bono.


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