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Casa de la Cultura Pinalejo, Santa Bárbara invaluable wealth

"The House of Culture Dr. Miguel Paz Barahona" is an invaluable jewel of history. Get to know her and fall in love with her, in this Bicentennial of the independence of the homeland Honduras 2021.

Located in the fertile Valley of Quimistán, Pinalejo has an invaluable wealth. It's about the rich history that emanates from it. Pinalejo is the birthplace of three presidents of Honduras, the only place in Honduras that saw the emergence of great leading political figures of the country, they are Luis Bográn, Francisco Bográn and Miguel Paz Barahona. How do we discover this? Visiting the House of Culture Dr. Miguel Paz Barahona.

"The House of Culture Dr. Miguel Paz Barahona" is administered by the Local Council of Culture of Pinalejo.

We put our feet in the House of Culture Dr. Miguel Paz Barahona, we were amazed to see so many pieces of great cultural value, inside we discovered a museum with valuable relics that are very well preserved and that date from the years when the economic boom in the community. Clay pieces that were used as kitchen tools and that denote the culture as such of the locals.

We had the great privilege of being guided by Sady Fernando Castro, who is in charge of the Casa de La Cultura museum and showed us its interior in great detail. - "I'm here to give you a little taste of what a visit to this beautiful place can be" - were his words of welcome, and what a taste, because we are left wanting to know more about this beautiful place.

The Gala dress of the distinguished and honorable Dr. Miguel Paz Barahona is intact and well preserved, he used it when he took command, under a formal act, of the presidency of the Republic of Honduras, on February 1, 1925. We could also see the presidential sash that according to what Sady told us, for the first time a president of the Republic of Honduras used said presidential sash, by using it, Dr. Miguel Paz Barahona set a precedent throughout history, until today , the presidential sash is part of the attire of a president in official acts such as the inauguration.

Photographs of high-profile personalities of today and yesterday parade on a shelf that covers a complete wall. Among these personalities we find the popular "Mardoquella", a character characterized by Magda Sulema Ordoñez, a very talented artist who is originally from Pinalejo and who fills of pride to the community for being featured on national television. We met Francisco Javier Toledo, a soccer player who was a national team that participated in the Spain 86 World Cup.

We met the dental chair used many years ago, when dental practice was very orthodox, the dentist gave the patient several drinks of alcoholic drink, in this way the patient relaxed his jaw to withstand the intense pain of the extraction of a tooth or tooth. No wonder many men say they turn to alcohol to alleviate all kinds of grief or pain.

"Stones to make a woman", we thought Sady was wrong, isn't it "Stones to be used by a woman"? I thought, but no, it was accurate and forceful when saying that many decades ago, the ladies who wanted to become a husband were tested with those stones, this lady's mother used to grind a good amount of cooked corn to demonstrate her proper place in the home as the "woman of the house."

We were able to find many valuable things in this beautiful house, such as the bed where Dr. Miguel Paz Barahona slept. I could almost go back to that time when that bed supported the living body of the honorable president. We visited the stone oasis, made of stone that filtered the water transforming it into purified water, better than the one sold in the bottle today.

The current House of Culture was built by the parents of Dr. Miguel Paz Barahona before he was born, it was the home of Dr. Miguel Paz Barahona has approximately 170 years of existence. It was built with materials from the area, including adobe and wood, due to its age in 2008 it was restored and repaired, but 95% of it is original, it only underwent modifications and repairs to the ceiling, door hinges and wall painting.

Keeping this jewel of history intact takes a lot of time and money, thanks to the efforts of Mrs. Albertina Sandoval and the municipality of Quimistán, it has been possible to maintain a beautiful and welcoming place. However, if you want to be part of this great catracha story, we invite you to help with the maintenance of this house. You can make your voluntary donations in a contribution box that the Local Council of Culture has in the museum, or you can make your donations through Carodka Studio, we will be proud to send them to the administration on your behalf. You can fill out the form with simple information to be able to donate in this section, click on the link:


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