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Do you know who is... Nicolle Cerrato?

Nicolle Cerrato is a girl who is currently 13 years old, she is of Honduran nationality who struggles to stand out and highlight her beloved country Honduras, her first name is Katherine Nicolle Cerrato, she was born in La Ceiba, Honduras.

His first appearance on television was when he was 6 years old on 45TV in La Ceiba in the segment entitled: "Educating Dad".

Nicolle Cerrato, with a microphone in hand and a camera recording her, has conquered the hearts of her audience. His fluency of words makes nationals and foreigners amazed.

He is a correspondent in Honduras for the Mundo Latino program that is broadcast in Houston on channel 21.4. of the American Union. He is part of “Sambo Creek, and had a participation in "El Regreso de La Llorona", which premiered on the big screen in the Honduran country.

But Nicolle Cerrato, known as Nicolle Cerrat, not only uses her talent for her own benefit, she uses her social networks to give advice to young people and families in Honduras and the world, promotes humanitarian aid and the jewelry business owned by her mother. .

His goal is to leave a legacy in the country, for this he has embarked on his dream of studying journalism at the university and wants to achieve it when he is old enough to do it. Nicolle strives to be an example to other young people so that they do not fall into social risk, maintain a good spirit and a positive mentality. He repeats his favorite motto, "fight for your dreams."

Nicolle Cerrat has been the girl mayor of La Ceiba, she has participated in several children's beauty pageants such as the Mini Miss Honduras, Mini Miss La Ceiba, Children's Queen of the S.J.B. 2016, International Children's Queen of the Orchid.

What did you think of the influence of this little girl?

His example motivates young and old to excel.

Watch the full interview he conducted with Shin Fujiyama.

Would you like Nicolle Cerrat to be a correspondent for Carodka Studio.

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