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Food truth

We all make an effort to maintain good health, for example we go to medical check-ups, some radically change the way they eat, others wear a mask every time they leave home. However this may not be enough. A very common saying goes: "You are what you eat". If you are what you eat, do you really know what you are eating?


Pesticides and decomposition.

Inflation and the high cost of living prevent families from obtaining real food from the land, to which we must add crop pests and diseases, the food industry has worked hard to increase production capacity, but not the quality, as it strives to provide accessible products to consumers just to obtain sales. Several studies have shown the presence of pesticides in the vegetables that reach us. Another factor is the time it takes for these foods to arrive at your table. Do you know how old your food is?

Fresh fruits and vegetables take between 5 and 21 days to get from the field to the supermarket, this decreases the nutrients we eat.

Mucha gente no percibe que lo que come es en realidad comida dañada o mala sin nutrientes
Damaged bananas for sale in supermarkets, people do not reason that they actually pay to eat garbage.


What is behind the cooking of food?

Since we discovered and mastered fire we cook our food, what we don't know is that by doing so we damage our health. Scientific studies reveal that the nutrients of vegetables decrease by 40% when cooked, even if they are steamed, and without knowing it we poison ourselves. By modifying food molecules, especially vegetables, the body ignores them and confuses them with toxins, then attacks them by forming leukocytes, these which are known as white blood cells, are a set of blood cells that take care of us and defend us against substances foreign or infectious agents, bacteria, viruses and more.

In 1930, Dr. Paul Kouchakoff concluded in his research that including raw foods in each meal counteracts the negative effect of excess white blood cells, that is, we avoid poisoning ourselves with our own food. This active and recurrent false alarm of the immune system in the face of cooked food weakens the body and decreases the body's defensive capacity, making it more vulnerable to infections. Imagine what it is like for the body to fight against dead or non-nutritious food, several times a day.

The German physicist Max Planck discovered, thanks to his theories on heat, how it affects the molecular structure of bodies.

Max Planck, Fisico alemán 1858 - 1947
Max Planck, German Physicist 1858 - 1947

For their part, publications such as those of the Journal of Food Science concluded that 50% of proteins are destroyed when cooking food.

If we are what we eat, and by using pesticides and cooking our food we turn it into something that is useless, it means that we are literally garbage, because we are eating garbage.

In 2013 the book "Grain Brain" was published as a result of the investigations of Dr. David Perlmutter, in his research Dr. Perlmutter emphasized the importance of reducing the consumption of carbohydrates in our diet for good brain health . Dr. Perlmutter assures that the excessive consumption of refined sugars turns out to be toxic for the health of the brain and they are one of the main triggers of diseases such as Alzheimer's, Parkinson's disease, attention deficit and even schizophrenia.


Ways to reverse food poisoning.

But there are still ways to change, to reverse the body's food poisoning, some experts recommend including in our diet between 51% - 80% raw food, such as vegetables, salads and fruits. In order not to poison ourselves, it is recommended to consume organic food, not processed or altered with chemical fertilizers or pesticides. But how many of us can have and take care of our own orchard? Pests are very common in our places. Who among us can fight a pest without the use of non-harmful pesticides? Another option is to buy organic products in specialized places, but the cost of these can be up to three times more.

The stress of modern life takes us at an impressive speed, this requires us to stay healthy, we must take responsibility for our health into our hands. We prefer to spend more on material things than on taking care of our food. and that can be deadly.

The pharmaceutical industry is a business of 3000 trillion dollars, for an industry like this, is it convenient for people to be healthy?

If you are sick: "take medicine" before changing eating habits.

When one person tells another that they are in pain, the automatic reaction is to recommend a medication. If you have a headache, there is Panadol, a commercial medicine that is sold in any convenience store. However, the philosophy of a pill for each disease has brought many complications, all medicine has side effects. In the United States alone, 106,000 people die each year from side effects of drugs from the pharmaceutical industry. Taking food supplements is beneficial for health, but they will never say it on television. 25% of television ads are for medicines. Being healthy does not give anyone money to earn. The things that help us, are presented to us as a health hazard. Healthy people are not needed, but drug consumers.

A healthy diet is the basis for maintaining health, however, with today's pace of life, this is not enough, since despite the consumption of healthy foods, it is likely that enough vitamins are not reached.

Los japoneses consumen productos del mar y aceites Omega 3, así evitan el cáncer

The Japanese consume seafood and Omega 3 oils, thanks to this that country holds the first place with the lowest incidence of cancer worldwide only with its diet.

To maintain good health, it is vital to change eating habits. What is the first thing you eat when you wake up in the morning? If your answer is water, your eating habits will not be a problem to change them.

We must help our body to defend itself against any bacteria or virus, support it with food supplements and in this way we can ensure its nutrition. Deciding what to eat is our responsibility, we must strengthen not destroy our body. Vitamins are less aggressive, more effective and cheaper than medicines.

If you want to accompany your diet with food supplements, before having to heal an irremediable chronic condition such as diabetes, anemia, obesity, you can inform yourself on Whatsapp: +50499355752

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Unknown member
Feb 13, 2022

How interesting, I did not know that when cooking vegetables nutrients are lost according to me in the water the nutrients remain

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