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MOURNING!! Benito Ríos de Vecinos, the young actor Octavio Ocaña dies at just 22 years of age

Actor Octavio Ocaña, known for playing Benito in the series "Neighbors", produced by Eugenio Derbez, died this Friday, October 29, the victim of a firearm attack in the State of Mexico.

Octavio Ocaña was propelled to stardom by playing Benito on the series Neighbors. Unfortunately this Friday, October 29, 2021, he was the victim of a firearm attack, receiving shots in his body while driving his truck, at the time of the attack Benito lost control impacting his vehicle on the road. The statement of the fatal outcome of Octavio Ocaña was made official by Televisa Espectáculos this early morning on Saturday, October 30, 2021.

The reports indicate that those responsible for the murder of Octavio Ocaña are policemen from the State of Mexico who stopped him to make the respective searches for passing, but when ordering him to stop the march, the police attacked the truck, accurately blinding Octavio's life. Ocana.

Octavio Ocaña was driving his truck-type vehicle on the highway of the municipality of Cuautitlán Izcalli accompanied by two other men. According to the version of the agents in charge of the operation that attacked Octavio Ocaña, when he refused to stop the march, they pursued the actor's truck without shooting him, but Octavio Ocaña was armed with a pistol and when he collided he shot himself ( being a suicide) perhaps because he feared being required by the agents.

The people who accompanied the actor made their respective statements before the Public Ministry to determine who fired the weapon. According to some sources, Octavio Ocaña refused to be summoned by the agents because both he and his occupants were intoxicated and in their attempt to flee they lost control. When the agents gave them help due to the crash, they found Octavio Ocaña next to a firearm that was activated, taking his life.

The investigations will be carried out within the framework of an impartial justice system under the administration of President Andrés Manuel Lopes Obrador, where the police have continued to be strongly questioned for excessive abuses of authority.

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