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Protect your toothbrush for your health

The number of inhabitants around the world amounts to 8,000 million and every day we brush our teeth to have good oral health, because it is beautiful and even important to have a good smile. Dental health experts recommend replacing brushes every so often (3 months),

However, it is vital to take care of where we keep them.

Manufacturers of toothbrushes produce them in quantities with a variety of colors and designs. Some brushes are made with protectors to cover the bristles and prevent them from deteriorating or fraying.

However, not all brushes have protective covers, so where and how do we store the brushes after use? Well, we usually leave them in the bathroom because that is where it is easier for us to use them. I have had the opportunity to enter different bathrooms of many families that have kindly hosted me, they have been very generous and have given me their roof at times when I have needed it to spend a night, I have been amazed that the same culture is reflected in different homes, leave the toothbrush in the bathroom. Some leave it hanging from hooks embedded in the wall, others simply leave them in cups with the bristles up to drain the moisture, and others over the sink. But let me tell you that this creates a problem for your health and something happens that we don't even have a clue about.

As toothbrushes remove food debris from the teeth, although we wash them carefully after using them, there are always food remains between the bristles or at the foot of them, this is where cockroaches come into play. They always have access to our house without being invited and they have a peculiarity, they do not go out during the day, but wait until everyone falls asleep to get into action and toothbrushes are their favorite when the bristles are exposed. They are placed in position to remove food remains and when they are full, they vomit a transparent liquid on the bristles that contaminates the brushes. This liquid is invisible to the human eye, so it appears that the brush is as clean as when you stopped using it the night before.

For this reason it is necessary to take measures so that this does not happen. I suggest that when you finish using it, place the brush in a glass with water and a generous amount of chlorine for at least 5 minutes, then place the brush in airtight containers and make sure that the brush drains well so that it does not retain moisture. facilitates the production of bacteria that affect your health.

Even if you buy a specific brand of brush that does not have protectors, look at your favorite store for airtight brush protectors that protect the entire brush, not just its bristles.

Do not trust yourself leaving the brush case anywhere, try to keep it in an airtight place that is not accessible to these intruders.

Doctors are analyzing that many of the bacteria that have been detected in the body of hundreds of people in the world, lies not only in the consumption of contaminated food, but also in the poor care of the toothbrush, as a carrier of bacteria that They enter our body through the mouth.

Once you finish using the toothbrush, use an oral disinfectant, such as mouthwash based on a certain degree of alcohol.

A natural mouth disinfectant is Vinegar. You can gargle with apple cider vinegar. Studies show that vinegar can neutralize the bacteria that most commonly causes tonsillitis, Streptococcus pyogenes (group A strep).

In another post we will talk about this bacterium and what you can do to eliminate it naturally.


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