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Real phone numbers on a TV series?

Imagine that you are on the couch in your house watching a television series full of suspense, a world premiere, suddenly you see a scene where a person holds in his hands a card that contains a telephone number, you look closely at the number and You realize that it is your personal phone number, in seconds calls after calls begin to fall, what would your reaction be?

Just that happened to a woman in South Korea. His personal phone number appeared in the Netflix world series "The Squid Game." She owns a baking business in South Korea and her phone was flooded with threatening calls and text messages from ill-intentioned kinky people writing vulgarities to her.

The event was due to the fact that the Netflix series titled: "The Squid Game" is originally from South Korea, so that when it was the world premiere, South Korean citizens when they saw the number began to make malicious jokes to that number believing that it did not exist. Probably, although many have realized that the calls did fall to a real number, they considered that it was a contact with the production company of the series, but they did not know that by chance the production placed a telephone number that belonged to a merchant woman in Korea. South.

This production error had serious repercussions on the private life of this woman, because in the following days she began to develop an acute stress disorder diagnosed by a health professional who prescribed medications that she should take to calm said disorder.

"It is impossible for me to concentrate because I constantly receive calls from strangers" declared Kim for Carodka Studio.

"Este número telefónico lo tome originalmente para mi linea personal pero luego abrí una tienda de postres hace un año y medio y comencé a utilizarlo de forma comercial.

Since "The Squid Game" was released, I have been unable to do business with my phone number, he said. However, you can't quit because I had previous clients who called to complain that they couldn't reach me. A caller asked about the product, but when I offered it to him, he said they were joking and hung up, "Kim said.

"I can't tell the difference between genuine business calls and prank calls."

Are there really those who see a phone number over there and call to make practical jokes? Yes, there are people who see a number and start making malicious calls, in fact there are hundreds of people with that attitude. In a Central American country the government had to hire a call tracking system because offensive and joking calls were being received to the emergency number 911, the calls consisted of reporting incidents that were not real, the national emergency system sent patrols and personnel but when I was in the place reported the incident had never occurred, in order to locate the pranksters and penalize them for making accident or emergency calls that did not exist, the government created this call tracking system. Even with all that tracking system and the law that penalizes pranksters, they keep making insult calls and jokes.

Publishing telephone numbers on television for your business is usually effective, but at the same time you look uncomfortable because there are malicious people. Kim comments: "I used my number to create advertisements on the internet and promote my business, even with that there was no missing one or another joker, but it was controllable, when it appeared in a television series, far from being an impulse for me it was the worst of the crises that I have lived in my life ".

Carodka Studio recommends that you evaluate the reasons and the means by which you want to publish your phone number when promoting your business. Investigate the reputation that this television medium has in the sector, if it has a reputation for controversy, use other ways of contacting your customers that you can make public, it may be better if you publish your email where you can have more control between emails. offensive of the productive.

Using emails with custom domains is usually more efficient. For example, if you publish an email like in a broadcast medium, it will show you as a serious and respectable business to publish Change the way you show yourself in public, if you show weak they will treat you as weak, if you show strong and professional they will treat you with dignity.

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