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Rubén Darío Mayor of Quimistán was sworn in with the people.

At the Domingo Ortega Stadium in the city of Quimistán in the department of Cortés, the honorable Lawyer Rubén Darío Pacheco Pereira was sworn in as Mayor of the Quimisteca commune at 5:15 p.m. on Tuesday, January 25, 2022.

Abogado Rubén Dario Pacheco Alcalde
Rubén Darío Pacheco agrees to keep his promises and to abide by the law. Photo courtesy: Rubén Darío Mayor

With a forceful speech, Lawyer Rubén Dario Pacheco reaffirmed his commitment as mayor of the chemical community.

Abogado Ruben Dario Pacheco recibe bastón de mando
Moment in which the Lawyer Rubén Dario Pacheco receives the baton of command of the commune of Quimistán as mayor. Photo courtesy: Rubén Darío Mayor

He was accompanied by his wife, Eunices Ramirez, and his son, Rubén Dario Pacheco Ramirez.

Alcalde Rubén Dario Pacheco acompañado de su esposa
Rubén Darío Pacheco arrived accompanied by his wife. Photo courtesy: Rubén Darío Mayor

Regidores de la comunidad de Quimistán son juramentados
Councilors of Quimistán are sworn in based on the Law. Photo courtesy: Rubén Darío Alcalde

The Body of regidores was also sworn in. In the Oath, the Lawyer and his councilors undertook to be faithful to the republic, comply with and enforce the laws.

This inauguration made true history and set a precedent for future administrations after this period of Lawyer Rubén Darío Pacheco. The people were taken into account because they owe it to the people, this celebration was not made private.

Banda recorre las manos de la población de Quimistan en la toma de posesión
Banda runs through the hands of the population of Quimistan at the inauguration. Photo courtesy: Rubén Darío Mayor

This inauguration for the first time really takes into account the people, the Baton of Command of the municipality and the Band was passed from hand to hand of each of the members and representatives of the communities, villages and hamlets of Quimistán, thus giving chair of how the protocol acts of the oath of a true government of national unity should be.

Like a good government of national unity, the young people feel compelled to support the new leader of the Quimistán commune.

La Juventud se hizo presente respaldando su apoyo al Abogado Rubén Darío Pacheco como Alcalde de Quimistán.
The Youth was present supporting their support for Lawyer Rubén Darío Pacheco as Mayor of Quimistán. Photo Courtesy: Angie Rivera / Straw Pride / 22.

With great enthusiasm the youth turned to applaud their new leader. Everyone harbors the hope that things will change in this beautiful municipality.

Alcalde Rubén Darío Pacheco fue apoyado por la población
Photo Courtesy: Angie Rivera / Straw Pride / 22.

The flag of the Libre party waved high and those present chanted, yes we could, yes I can.

Alcalde Rubén Darío Pacheco recibe la banda en la toma de posesión
Photo courtesy: Rubén Darío Mayor

Rubén Dario Pacheco con la banda y baston de mando
Photo courtesy: Rubén Darío Mayor

In the municipality there are many things to improve. The most acute problem is the lack of drinking water in the communities. The water service is rational in some communities, neighborhoods and hamlets. In addition to being rational, it provides a lousy service because every time it rains in the mountains, the water reaches the homes in mud.

Another weakness in the Municipality is the terrible state of the road, only at the entrance in the mere intersection with the CA4 there is one of potholes that makes it sad and embarrassing that tourists and visitors see an entrance that way.


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