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Travis Scott faces serious million dollar lawsuits after the tragedy at the Astroworld Festival.

The American rapper Travis Scott, could be sued for performing a concert without organization becoming a tremendous shambles.

Last Friday, November 5, in Houston, Texas at 9:00 p.m. The Travis Scott concert called Astroworld Fest 2021 RETURN OF THE RAGE would be held. 50 thousand spectators gathered for the rapper's shows. The euphoric crowd gathered as the minutes passed before Travis Scott's departure on stage.

Calls for help from people in the front row being crushed were silenced by the deafening sound of horns on the dais. The spectators in the front row shouted for the concert to stop but the cameramen of the event turned a blind eye, they did not want to lose detail of the moment when the protagonist of the event went into action to capture it with his glasses. As no one did anything, the rapper went on stage to start his participation and it was there when things, far from improving, got worse.

The excitement of the people, mostly young people, began to level up as if it were rats trapped in a recital eager to eat something. When the rapper began to sing, even though they were trapped, the fans took out their mobile devices to record the rapper in his great splendor.

"The crowd got tighter and tighter, and at the time it was hard to breathe. When Travis came out performing his first song, I witnessed people swoon next to me," said Téllez, 20.

"We all screamed for help and no one helped us or listened to us. It was horrible. People were screaming for their lives and they couldn't get out. No one could move a muscle." Concert goers described the event as traumatizing, with many witnesses saying they saw lifeless bodies trampled on amid the chaos. Those who survived had to fight their way through the crowd as the music continued to roar.

Selena Beltrán, who was attending the music festival for the first time, found that everything around her began to tighten more and more as Scott made his way to the stage. Soon he struggled for breath.

"I fell on my back and I felt like it was the end for me. I just thought," This is how I'm going to die, I was so scared. "I didn't know what to do. Everything was happening so fast, but at the same time so slow and I couldn't react. I just screamed. "Despite seeing people who had clearly lost consciousness, Beltran said, people kept trampling those on the ground." I was surprised to see people act inconsiderate and savage. It was crazy to see so many run over others like they were wild animals, "he said." People didn't care, yet they tried to push their way just to get to the front without thinking about the consequences and who it would affect. "

For this reason, rapper Travis Scott will face the consequences of planning a concert without the proper organization or security of the case. The first demand of some affected is of 1,000,000 dollars that they demand from rapper Travis Scott, the organizer and the promoter.

Minutes before the event, some spectators observed how the security gates at the entrance of the concert were circumvented, it is possible that even people without paying have sneaked into a huge stampede that was generated hours before the show. The reason why a security guard was left unconscious when the young people entered the concert is being investigated, it is believed that they applied a force injection that left him unconscious. This was the ideal time to cancel an event where the capacity of the venue was not respected and where the proceeds from the value of the tickets were disappearing by letting people in without paying. The little or no security at the event is taking its toll on the rapper.

"Travis Scott had little time between songs and we screamed with all our vocal chords so someone could hear us, but no one would," Téllez said. "This year's festival will stick with me forever. I have never seen someone die in front of my eyes. It was horrible."

For many, what should be an unforgettable experience was turning into a traumatizing nightmare.

An official source assures that "Travis Scott in his concerts incites violence, because he actively encourages his fans to get angry." "His express encouragement of violence has resulted, on other occasions, in serious acts of violence in most of his concerts.

Carodka Studio was able to confirm this fact, we investigated posters of Rapper Travis Scott and we were surprised that the images and the messages they express evoke violence.

This poster shows a degraded teddy bear with a forbidden symbol, it has a human bone hand that holds a fish enclosed in a bag of water, the legend: Wish you were here. This is how he considers his followers, trapped fish.

Now we ask ourselves, what is happening with the youth? How do these characters manage to convince thousands of people to have such an inept attitude? These masses of young people are the so-called zombies who carry pure garbage in their minds, they act like animals that walk straight to the slaughterhouse without knowing what they are doing. We are very sure that many of them consider it an honor to die for these icons of satanic music. Parents, let's not allow our youth to put garbage in our minds. Let us monitor what they do inside their room, not in order to control them, but to act before a tragedy.

Could a series of lawsuits bankrupt the rapper and his promoters? How much we would like, because that way they would stop receiving illicit financing.

Let's promote peace for a better world.


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