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Do you know who is... Nohelia Sosa?

Nohelia María Sosa Guerrero is the third of 4 siblings, from a very young age she stood out for her artistic attitudes. He grew up in the Morazán neighborhood of Tegucigalpa, he studied at the Ramón Rosa #2 School in the capital of Honduras where his mother taught, he comes from a normal family of Honduran society, his mother is from Jutiquile Olancho and his father is from Bonito Oriental , Columbus. He graduated from Catholic University obtaining a Bachelor's Degree in Business and Marketing. In his family there was always a lot of music, long plays, guitars, organs. Since she was a child she was always linked to artistic things.

Nohelia Sosa, is the third of 4 siblings.

Nohelia Sosa was born in Tegucigalpa, Honduras in 1984 and is known for being the first Honduran to participate in the reality show La Academia held in 2005 in the United States. 2005 was the year in which the opportunity for participants of other nationalities than Mexicans to participate was opened for the first time, although the auditions would begin for migrants in the United States. The television network had not yet arrived as a franchise in Honduras and Central America.

At the age of 17, in 2001, she participated in her first singing contest at Inter Model.

In 2004, she participated in Señorita Juventud, winning first place in modeling.

Nohelia Sosa made television jingles. A year later he emigrated to the United States at just 21 years old.

Nohelia Sosa is the third of 4 siblings

Nohelía Sosa emigrated to the United States at the age of 21 and after living for 4 months she found out about the casting that the Azteca América television network is doing and decides to participate in it. She was the first Honduran to participate in The USA Academy in 2005, where she came in third place. That year was when Azteca opened the opportunity for Latin American countries to participate. It was a momentous year for Spanish-language television, as delegates from various countries would come to Mexico and the United States to participate. Thousands of people attended as fans and overturned the cities of Mexico and the United States, it was like a soccer world cup, but without the ball or goal. It was a music world cup with a microphone, soul, mind and heart.

Nohelia Sosa in one of the concerts at La Academia USA

At the Usa Academy, Nohelia Sosa faced such ruthless criticism from Lolita Cortes and Arturo Lopez Gabito, just as Cesia Sáenz did at the last Academy 2022.

Lolita Cortés and Arturo López Gabito

Nohelia Sosa was born in Tegucigalpa, Honduras in the year 1984.

However, what happened to Nohelia Sosa after participating in The USA Academy?

Nohelia Sosa currently lives in New Mexico, United States and has a Real Estate business, because, as she said in an interview for a capital television medium, she cannot afford to only live with music.

Nohelia Sosa formed a musical band called Nohe & sus Santos. With the Band he has created his album entitled: "Tempestad" which fuses sounds called latinex, which is a combination of Cumbia, Rock and Ballads.

Watch his music video titled "Combia Triste":

Nohelia Sosa has participated in Hollywood in two films.

Follow her on her YouTube channel: Nohe y sus Santos


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