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The worst pandemic on planet earth

In December 2019, a virus appeared on the Asian continent that would reach global levels and that would put all the inhabitants of the earth “on their knees”, because the life of each human being was in the pendulum of the balance and only in two months this virus called "COVID 19" spread from nation to nation infecting millions of people and killing thousands to reach a few million.

This virus completely changed the "Roll" of the entire system, borders were closed, air travel was cancelled, land and sea transport was paralyzed, factories were canceled and closed, the entire commercial system and even family relationships were seen affected, which exacerbated the loss of jobs.

We have all been affected, no one can deny this fact. This Virus has had the ability to multiply in a matter of seconds and while we have been carrying this virus it has produced variants that have also been lethal. To counteract the virus and protect ourselves, we have had to use face masks that only protect us for a few hours. Thanks to the efforts made by governments and medical science, we now have several types of vaccines at our disposal, which we have taken advantage of, which gives us confidence that our body will produce defense mechanisms.

We have to continue depending on vaccines since the virus stayed to live with us so "let's not be afraid of vaccines".

"The Other Pandemic"

But now we have "another kind of pandemic", masks or mouth covers as they only last a few hours, what do we do with them? This is where we are failing. We do not deposit them where we should deposit them, the easiest thing is to throw them in the streets, in the parks and in any place where we want.

mascarillas abandonadas por las calles
"The other pandemic", abandoned masks on the street.

Mascarillas arrojadas en la calle, falta de conciencia ciudadana.
"The other pandemic" affects the environment.

Mascarilla negra abandonada en la calle
"The other pandemic", masks abandoned in the streets.

Thousands of masks are thrown away anywhere, this creates a great source of contamination by spreading the virus and causing great damage to the environment, so it is necessary that we learn the lesson to counteract the COVID 19 Pandemic and the elimination of masks from responsible manner.


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