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Do you know who is... Dhar Mann?

Dhar Mann is a mission-driven entrepreneur and filmmaker with over 79 million followers on social media and is currently one of the most viewed content creators in the world with over 35 million views.

Dhar Mann is one of the most popular motivational speakers in the world, the likes of Tony Robbins, with the only difference being that Dhar Mann's potential is his teaching videos.

Dhar focuses on developing ideas that have a massive impact and have helped change the lives of people around the world.

Your videos are very inspiring and are real life lessons on how to treat other people.

Great inspiring stories about real life situations and real people. Your shared stories truly reflect what is happening around us!

Dhar's business experience spans across many industries including real estate, transportation, franchising, cosmetics, subscriptions, social media, motivation and film. His story, business, and life advice have been shared in Forbes, Entrepreneur, New York Times, Inc., BuzzFeed, and many more.

Dhar Mann: Entrepreneur at heart

Dhar launched his first business, a real estate mortgage brokerage, at the age of 19 while studying at the University of California, Davis. Before he could legally drink, he had 3 offices, 25+ employees, and was financing millions of dollars in real estate loans. At 21, Dhar was already earning more than his university professors. As the company grew, Dhar dropped out of university to focus solely on the business, but after pressure from his family, he eventually returned and earned his degree in Economics and Political Science.

Dhar Mann y su bebé Ella Rose
Dhar Mann and her baby Ella Rose

Dhar later expanded his real estate businesses to include property management and property buying and selling. He remains active in real estate today.

Dhar, Laura y sus pequeñas hijas
Dhar, Laura and their little daughters

LiveGlam CEO and Founder

In 2015, Dhar Mann started LiveGlam, an award-winning beauty subscription company. LiveGlam began as an online makeup school, but after partnering with his fiancée and well-known beauty influencer Laura G, he expanded the company to start manufacturing its own cosmetic products. All products LiveGlam manufacturers are vegan and cruelty-free.

Dhar Mann, Fundador de LiveGlam
Dhar Mann, LiveGlam Founder

Today LiveGlam generates 8-figures in annual revenue with a global team of 100+ members, 2MM social media followers, and 10MM+ products shipped. In addition to working with some of the best in the beauty industry, LiveGlam has been featured in Cosmopolitan, BuzzFeed, PopSugar, Elle, InStyle and many more.

Dhar is currently the CEO of LiveGlam today.

Influential Filmmaker and Entrepreneur

In 2018, he founded Dhar Mann Studios, one of the fastest-growing social media content creation companies worldwide. Dhar Mann Studios creates viral inspirational videos on life, business, and relationships that have been viewed over 34 Billion times. These videos depict real-life situations shown by actors that teach important life lessons, driven by Dhar’s personal experience of success and failure.

Dhar Mann Studios is a mission-led company on track to have more views than any other individual or company in the world. Dhar’s mission for creating content is simple: We’re not just telling stories, we’re changing lives.

In 2021, Dhar released his first mobile app which was ranked #1 globally in the Apple Store. You can download the app for free on iPhone and Android. In the same year, YouTube named Mann as the #2 Top Content Creator in the United States on their platform.

The Father and Family Man

Even as an entrepreneur, Dhar focuses on maintaining a strong and happy personal life outside of work. That includes scheduling plenty of time to travel with his fiancée Laura and spending time with his two baby girls Ella Rose and Myla Sky! You can keep up with the latest on the family on their vlog channel.

Want to learn more about Dhar Mann? Follow him on social media to join the #DharMannFam so you can become a part of his mission to change lives too!


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