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Yossi - SweetCandle the revelation artist of digital platforms

Talented people are showing their full potential and are delighting us with modern contemporary music.

Yossi - SweetCandle

Yossi - SweetCandle delights young and old with her sensual videos posted on her platforms.

Her real name is Yosilie Vilera, she is 23 years old, was born in Venezuela and lives in Colombia, because Colombia is a beautiful land that opens the doors to whoever enters to project herself. Yossi alleges that Colombia is his second country which he loves as his own. She is a Venezuelan artist who is increasing in popularity. She wants to fulfill her dream of being one of the greatest exponents of female urban music.

His YouTube channel is: Yossi - SweetCandle give clip and subscribe to his channel so you don't miss any of his new songs.

Mira su canción más reciente:

Yossi, es una cantante que quiere crecer cada día. Su misión es cumplir sus sueños. Su visión es "lograr ser más grande y talentosa de lo que ya es".

Its added value for those who follow it is: "to be a good example, contributing value for their effort".

However, to get to where he is he has had to face many challenges, one of them is to use a lot of discipline.

Yossi - SweetCandle

The filming of their videos represents a large monetary investment. If you can see, Yossi's music videos are professionally edited and are very eye-catching and creative.

The greatest source of inspiration in her career is her mother, who has given everything for her to be what she is now. Since she was a child, she has seen her mother as a great example of perseverance and effort. All his achievements are dedicated to the great love of his life, his mother.

Singers like Karol G and many more make her continue in search of her dreams. What she would do with her first payments to monetize her channel is to invest in her career.

Yossi is a woman who focuses on what she does and never gives up. Thanks to this, it is getting numbers on its digital platforms.

You can follow the path of this revelation artist and be part of that evolutionary process of growth. When she's like Karol G, you'll say here I was following her.

Instagram: Yossi

SoundCloud: Yossy SweetCandle

Yossi opened his YouTube channel on January 20, 2022 and to date he has 1,090 subscribers and 308,153 global views.

These are the hottest photos that Yossi has on his social networks:

Yossi SweetCandle

Yossi SweetCandle

Yossi SweetCandle

Yossi SweetCandle

Yossi believes that if we make an effort and fight for our dreams, we will achieve them. He is a faithful believer that to be successful, your desire to achieve it must be greater than your fear of failure. Yossi doesn't care what they say, she wants tickets in leagues and she won't stop until she gets it, stopping desires is sabotaging life.

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