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Astrid Madrid... I have talent A lot of talent

Barely 15 years old but with a big dream, Astrid Madrid has conquered the hearts of millions of Hondurans by surprisingly appearing on the Estrella TV television program, Tengo Talento Mucho Talento. Learn about his success story and what prompted him to participate in such a popular show, whose YouTube channel exceeds 1,125,150,870 views.

Astrid Madrid en Tengo Talento Mucho Talento
Astrid Madrid in I Have Talent A Lot of Talent

Santa Bárbara, Honduras.

Astrid Madrid currently lives with her mother and father, she is the youngest of four siblings. From a very young age Astrid Madrid has loved and been passionate about music, it was her love of music that forced her to cross borders, but she confesses that she has never taken singing lessons.

At just 4 years old, Astrid Madrid was already downloading games of children's songs on her mother's cell phone, running them and starting to sing. When he turned 7 years old, he sang in public for the first time at a family reunion that had guests from outside the family, since then he has not stopped singing, every day he sings everywhere, with more and more passion, loving what he does, striving to improve day by day.

Astrid Madrid loves and is passionate about singing memory music to such a degree that she considers herself an old soul. However, Astrid Madrid not only sings, but also plays musical instruments such as the marimba, the ukulele and the piano.

How did Astrid Madrid apply to Tengo Talento Mucho Talento?

"Everything arose due to the insistence of two years ago and the support of my family that I did the Casting, so I filled out the data on the web page of" Tengo Talento Mucho Talento". Astrid Madrid was very surprised to see that she immediately had a call from the famous Show Tengo Talento Mucho Talento, the call was to schedule another call via Zoom to see if I could qualify and be able to travel to the auditions of the Show. "Indeed I did the interview via Zoom, the day after that meeting via Zoom, I They were calling to be able to travel to Los Angeles California to audition, all that happened in the term of 6 weeks"-Indicated Astrid Madrid.

"The Casting via Zoom lasted approximately 15 minutes with a producer of the program, in those 15 minutes they asked me questions and I sang part of a song for 1 minute. When the interview ended, they told me that within two weeks they would notify me if I had approved the Casting that I carry out in the company of my parents for being a minor.

At the end of those two weeks, Astrid Madrid was surprised because she was being applied studying and doing homework. "In that I had a call from the United States and I said: "This is my moment, I answered the call and they asked me to pass it to my mother, I passed it to my mother and they told her that her daughter had passed the test and that we should travel to Los Angeles for auditions there.

"I feel very happy to have achieved one of my greatest dreams, which is to highlight my country through my voice. I want more Hondurans to open doors through me. I want them to know that in Honduras there is potential and that if new singers can come out, leave the name of Honduras very high." Said Astrid Madrid for Carodka Studio.

Astrid Madrid has participated in various activities where she has shown her talent. We saw her perform: That's how I love you.

Let us all support the Honduran singer Astrid Madrid who will require the support of Hondurans to move forward. You can follow her official Facebook account: Astrid Madrid


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