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DANGEROUS!! Woman escapes a kidnapping when she used an application to order a VIP taxi

A woman of Honduran origin escapes alive from a kidnapping that her taxi driver, hired by a mobile application, tried to do.

Woman is the victim of an attempted kidnapping when she boards a hired VIP taxi unit on a mobile application.

"The modalities of crimes have no limits," declared the Deputy Commissioner of the Honduran Police. On this occasion, the victim of new forms of crime was a woman from San Pedro Sula. The young woman requested a VIP taxi in a mobile application, a normal-looking young man with a kind and polite tone of voice arrived at the place, he introduced himself with the name of Marvin Mauricio Paz using personal credentials to show confidence in the passenger.

Seeing no malice in the driver, the young woman boarded the unit without further setbacks. When the transport unit made an unexpected turn, deviating from the route established and requested by the young woman, the threats from Marvin Mauricio Paz began. "They were intimidating words, threats against my life," the young woman told Carodka Studio. Among these threats were the following: "Don't move even to blink because I'm killing you. Your day has come ... and he was saying curses and foul words to me between mockery and laughter. He declared.

Faced with such intentions, the young woman unlocked the vehicle door and the moment the vehicle slowed down, she jumped while the car was running. Marvin Mauricio Paz when he saw that she had thrown himself, he reversed himself and threw the car at his victim, perhaps with the intention of running over her. However, thanks to the timely intervention of passers-by in the place, Marvin Mauricio Paz left the place without finishing perpetrating the attack on the young woman.

Carodka Studio investigated the young victim, whose identity we omitted to protect her life, about the application she had used and where this attack came from. The young woman commented to us: "I used the InDriver application" she assured. She showed us the bruises caused by throwing herself out of the moving vehicle. He filed a claim with the InDriver application sending the data of the offending driver, but so far he has not received a response from the application, much less compensation for the damages committed to his person.

"I do not wish this to anyone, that is why I publish this incident of which I was a victim and warn all Hondurans, especially women who use this service, to take the proper precautions in the case. There are people who like it. go out for a few drinks and request this type of service, how horrible it must be to be drunk without being able to coordinate or move and fall victim to these types of criminals who use these applications to perpetrate their crimes, be very careful "He warned.

More than 35% of people make use of these so-called VIP taxis. A public taxi transport leader said that these are the ones that threaten people's lives because their identity is omitted in every way, it is like boarding any private car.

Alarming!!! 75% of crimes in Honduras are directed at women.
An urgent appeal to the population.

Carodka Studio calls on the population that uses this type of transport to take precautionary measures. If you are a woman who has the habit of going out to have her drinks and knows that she often overdoes it, never go out alone, take a trustworthy person, preferably a man, who can control herself with drinks so that he can protect her from a threat.

Of course the best protection is abstinence, that is, avoiding going out and exposing yourself. If you think it is safer to drink alcoholic beverages at home, the better it will be.

Avoid leaving home late at night, when a criminal can do whatever they want and go unnoticed.


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