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Evangelical fellowship asks the Honduran congress by decree to prohibit celebrating halloween

Honduras has a government, based on the constitution of the republic, called secular, however its political leaders are active members of a religious confession or are sympathizers.

The Halloween Celebration offends pastors and parishioners in Honduras

Halloween has spread its tentacles throughout Latin America, its origins go back to the ancient Celts who had a tradition of disguising themselves as supernatural creatures to scare away evil spirits that roamed the street, they considered that doing so, the spirits would confuse them with others spirits and would not harm them. Others tried to appease them by offering them sweets. In medieval Europe, the "Catholic clergy" ended up adopting many pagan customs and encouraged their parishioners to dress up on the eve of All Saints' Day and go around the houses asking for small gifts in exchange for a prayer for the dead.

During the Middle Ages, in Great Britain it was customary to "go house to house asking for food in exchange for prayers for the dead." The supplicants carried "lanterns consisting of hollowed turnips, the candle of which evoked the soul trapped in purgatory" (Halloween — From Pagan Ritual to Party Night). There are also those who claim that such lanterns were used to scare away evil spirits. As early as the 19th century, in North America turnips were replaced by pumpkins, as they were easier to get, hollow out and carve.

Evangelical pastors feel repudiation for this celebration to such a degree that they are asking Congress to ban it because it has spread throughout Honduras. Among the prohibitions it includes the mere fact of mentioning it, not a single citizen should even speak of it. Talking about the celebration to future generations will make them want to celebrate it later.

No one should dress up as a demon, vampire, werewolf or horror characters that Hollywood has invented. No one should perform rites or prayers to the deceased or evil spirits. Pastors indicate that today's society has kept wickedness in its heart and therefore crimes abound even due to massacre, vicious advantage and treachery, perpetrated by people who sympathize with the demons or creatures of terror that Hollywood has manufactured. Children learn from characters such as Freddy Krueger, Jason the feared killer of Friday the 13th, among others, so they begin to have contact with demonic spirits because they see those horror movies at home that incite violence and promote death, a reality undeniable.

However, as we mentioned at the beginning, Honduras being a secular country, that is to say that the state never impose a religious denomination on its citizens, intervening for the interest of a religion (Evangelical) omits what is actually established in the constitution and violates the rights of free choice to believe and profess an ideology of a spiritual nature.

Traditions are mostly driven by Catholicism, such as the veneration of saints. The patronal fairs are organized in honor of a saint who has established himself as the patron of a certain town. Masses are also celebrated on November 1 to remember the departed saints. All of this involves more than a single act of celebration. Halloween, the patron saint festivities, the adoration of the departed saints attract and move the trade. Thanks to this, the merchants obtain profits from the sale of religious objects, food in honor of the saints, shows, sale of costumes, decorative objects and much more.

If the government analyzes that there are department stores, prestigious shopping centers, micro and small merchants that sell and subsist thanks to the sale of objects, costumes and decorative pieces used on Halloween and other related parties, is it really worth more the influence of a religion (Evangelical) than commerce, which declares to the state billions of lempiras in taxes for the great profits obtained at this time?

Also, if Halloween is to be banned, shouldn't the national congress ban the patron saint festivities that are in honor of deceased declared saints by the church and not by God? Shouldn't Christmas featuring the iconic Santa Claus whose reputation contains magic and fortune-telling be banned? Reindeers never fly, much less have the ability to carry a fat man loaded with toys. If it is to prohibit, everything pagan must be prohibited and establish a true ideology. Everything that happens around is a gear that is impossible to eliminate.

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