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FACEBOOK will change its name and will be called META

The world is changing and technologies are behind it. Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg explains the reasons why Facebook will change its name.

When I founded Facebook, we communicated by text using computers. Then we had cell phones with cameras and the internet became more visual. As connections become faster, video has become the main way of expressing content.

We have gone from desktops to the web, and from there to mobile phones, from text to photo and now to video. But this is not the end. The next thing on platforms and media will be even more immersive, a personified internet that you will be a part of, you will not just be a spectator. We will call it Metaverse. You will be able to do almost anything you can imagine. You can work, play, do homework, play, sing, create and everything you want to do without limits.

When my parents receive videos of my daughters, they will feel that they are there with us and not watching through the windows of a mobile phone. When you are with your friends they will feel that they are playing together in a different world and not each one alone behind a computer screen. And when you have a meeting on the metatarsal it will be like being in the same conference room making eye contact, sharing a space, instead of staring at a grid of faces on a screen.

Marck is betting on a truly innovative and technological change in which we will be able to see a virtual world when connecting with others, it goes beyond communicating with text, photos and videos, it is to enter a virtual world through glasses and see a real world in full motion.

Marck acknowledges that we are still a long way from obtaining this technology but as we go step by step it will take shape if we have the basic concepts. First of having the sensation of being there present that is the fundamental quality of the metatarsal. The avatars will be as common as the profile photos that we take. You would surely love to have a realistic avatar for work. Have different avatars to play and do as many things as we want him to change his clothes according to the occasion. Have the opportunity to enter and exit various virtual worlds, transfer objects and avatars to those worlds, to be able to create photos in those worlds almost as if you were really there in a real world with almost real elements without looking fictitious or photo montages.

Meta promises to be totally great by 2022, it will include video games in virtual reality providing a unique experience to the players.

Meta will continue the online trading process that allows you to deposit all the capital online without worrying about losing or not having effective results.

Meta aspires to offer creation and development services at low rates as much as possible to maximize the overall creative economy, although to bet on this new future the rates so far will continue to be high for a time to ensure not to lose too much money.

Facebook is one of the most used products in history. It is an iconic brand among social networks. But it is increasingly difficult to cover everything we do: Instagram, WhatsApp, Messenger, Quest ... and now Horizon, Nazaré and others. Our social media apps will always be important to us, Marck Zuckerberg pointed out, but today our brands are so tied to a specific product that it may not reflect everything we do now and less in the future. In time, I hope we will become known as a metaverse company. And I want our work and identity to be based on what we are creating. Through the process of transforming our applications in the present and future, we create a brand that encompasses everything we do. To reflect who we are and what we want to build, I am proud to announce that, from now on, our company is called .. Meta.

Our apps and their brands are not going to change. We continue to be a company that designs technology for people. But now we are guided by a new purpose, which is to help build the metaverse. And we have a new name that reflects the full breadth of what we do and the future we want to help create. From now on, the first thing for us will be the metaverse, not Facebook. Later it will not be necessary to use Facebook to use our services. And as this new brand appears in our products, I hope that people will start to know the Meta brand, highlighted the now Founder of Meta. Meta comes from the Greek and means: "beyond". For Marck it means that there is always something new to create, there are no limits, there is always a new chapter in the story. A story that began in a university residence and grew beyond what could be imagined when creating Facebook.

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