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Featured women in this 2022 on the occasion of Honduran Women's Day.

The women that we highlight in this note are only Honduran women because today, January 25, their day is celebrated.

Let's start this top 5 of the outstanding women of this year.

5. Sirey Moran Castro.

She won the beauty pageant "Nuestra Belleza Latina" in the United States, this past November 21, 2021, becoming the 12th queen of this edition.

4. Beatriz Valle.

Although many agree that she does not deserve this position at all, Beatriz has stood out in all the television media for going against the agreement established by Xiomara Castro and Manuel Zelaya with Salvador Nasralla to elect a PSH deputy to preside over the National Congress of Honduras . In this way, Bety Valle becomes the villain of this novel entitled "Power Struggle."

3. Mayti Interiano

She becomes the most influential woman this year for co-hosting the national weekend newscast in the United States on the Univision television network with Félix de Beduot. Congratulations to Mayti Interiano for being a worthy representative of Honduran women in the American Union.

2. Rixi Moncada

For being the influential figure in the National Electoral Council. Rixi Moncada ensured the right of citizens to elect their authorities in the country when exercising their suffrage, many are grateful for exercising authority in the CNE and not allowing the inflation of ballot boxes and it was she who requested to verify again the minutes and the count vote for vote.

1 Xiomara Castro.

Xiomara Castro is the most influential figure in Honduras for becoming the woman constitutional president of the republic. She is the first woman to be elected by the sovereign People of Honduras through democratic voting. One of the women who participated in political contests in Honduras was Nora de Melgar but without success at that time, a macho town in Honduras, where men did not give their vote of confidence.


These are the most influential women, but the leading role is taken by the Honduran woman because Tuesday, January 25, is her day. The women of Honduras struggle in a society with machismo at all levels. In every Honduran home there is a woman who struggles at least 65% to go out and stand out in this society. Thanks to social networks, the participation of women has come to the fore, however, in the 21st century, machismo exerts its influence.


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