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If people do not come to my business, should I create an online store?

The economy is evolving, after this Pandemic things have changed. Many companies have gone from attending in person to attending online. Although they do not remove the face-to-face service, the new method is to create web pages with shopping carts, that is, online stores.

In this post we will show you some data to take into account before you decide to use the strategy that many are using.

emprendedora crea página web con carrito de comprar al generar una tienda en linea
An entrepreneur creates a web page with a shopping cart, offers her products in her online store and works with the orders for delivery, how did she do it? was it as easy as it sounds?

The pandemic has been mostly the grave for many businesses, but why is the closure of many prestigious companies in the country? We saw the closing of the Gran Hotel Sula, a renowned place, icon in the city of San Pedro Sula. It closed due to the lack of guests, as they were all homebound, tourists stopped using the services of the Gran Hotel Sula. So we could mention hundreds of companies that closed around the world that dragged. However, many have managed to survive possibly adhering to an established law in business called "innovation." If they mostly practiced it, they managed to obtain the best result: avoiding the closure of the business.

A business strategy is usually risky, we cannot deny it, because the results are usually different from each other. However, seeking the solution to a crisis is the best of decisions, the effort will achieve good results. To understand this argument, think about the following: You place a business on a busy avenue, create a sign and place it on the front of the premises and when you remember a large part of those who walk the street, enter your business, browse and even visit you. they buy. Suddenly the Municipality closes the street because it needs serious sewer repairs and they will have to disable it for up to several months. In the first days you start to feel the aftermath of the closing, of the daily sales before the closing now you only get 5%, losing 95% now that they have closed the street, because nobody is going to browse and buy. Alarmed, you think of doing something to avoid being affected because you have bills and commitments to pay. Do you think that the strategy of changing premises is the best decision to improve the crisis? Probably, but that crisis is momentary, moving would involve cost and lose the opportunity to be in a privileged location, but you cannot sit idly by, whatever the strategy there will always be the risk of loss and hope of good results.

In cases like those of the example, every strategy to be carried out represents costs, but not all represent the same result. It is not the same to move to another place where the attendance is lower or higher than the current one. If the turnout is higher, it is possible that the rental cost is higher and you have the risk that the target or types of people is different from the one you had, you may not sell more than there just because you see a greater influx of people.

The same can be said of the digital strategy, many think that in the face of the problem of low influx of people, the best thing is to create digital businesses. However, nothing guarantees that the results will be effective. While it is true that online businesses have been effective for many, we cannot ignore that to achieve it they had to resort to high cost tools and a stipulated time before having the good results. With this we do not pretend to be pessimistic, far from it, what we want is that you analyze each strategy well before taking it. Go further, evaluate the pros and cons. Analyze costs and processes that is money and time. Not because a strategy is expensive does it mean that it will pay off.

In the digital world you must analyze many factors but we will mention some:

When setting up an online store you must bear in mind that there is a large number of businesses offering the same products that you offer, we call that competition, to stand out you must use SEO and advertising strategies so that your site at least floats and can be seen by others. The SEO strategy is sometimes expensive and takes time to work.

When offering products online you must take into account the logistics that you must have, how you will make the deliveries, how you will invoice, of said sales, how to generate the sales tax in a fiscal document linked to the Income Administration System and many details that you should think about.

The results are usually very good, but you will have to be patient to get them.

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