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Nora de Melgar, a renowned Honduran politician, dies.

Alba Nora Gúnera Osorio de Melgar, was a distinguished Honduran graduate in teaching and politics who was also first lady of Honduras between 1975-1978.

Photo in life of Lic. Nora de Melgar who died on September 30, 2021.

During the night of today, Thursday, September 30, 2021, Alba Nora Gúnera de Melgar lost her life at the age of 78, who was the first lady of Honduras during the government of her husband Jan Alberto Melgar Castro (1975-1978).

As it was known, the well-known militant politician of the National Party of Honduras died from various complications of a disease that she had been suffering from for some time.

After knowing the death of the distinguished lady, militants and leaders of the National Party and other sectors expressed their regret: “Deeply regretting the loss of an extraordinary woman, who leaves a great legacy not only in the National Party, but also in Honduras, rest in peace, leader Alba Nora Gúnera de Melgar ”, stated Reinaldo Sánchez.

"Deeply shocked by the death of Doña Nora de Melgar, she was a great friend and leader of our National Party, a woman who paved the way for thousands of Hondurans in politics, rest in peace," wrote Congressman Antonio Rivera Callejas.

"The death of Mrs. Nora de Melgar full of mourning and deep pain, leaving an emptiness and irreparable loss for her family, friends and our institution," the National Party textualized through a mourning agreement.

“We recognize the merits and virtues that characterized Mrs. Nora de Melgar through her life, we also show her family the feelings of regret for this irreparable loss, praying to God for the eternal rest of her soul and to give them strength in these moments of pain, "added the institution.

Doña Nora, as many knew her, was also the mayor of Tegucigalpa during the government of the late Rafael Leonardo Callejas (1990-1994).

Gúnera de Melgar was the first presidential candidate that the National Party had in 1997 and she became a leader within the political group.

She was also a deputy to the National Congress, Central American Parliament and president of the National Party.

Human beings are so fragile that there is no human power that can fight against this enormous enemy that is death. We are so vulnerable that today we are and tomorrow we are not, it is essential to strengthen qualities such as humility, because as soon as we are above we are below. Positions of authority should never make one person greater than others.


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