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Palmerola Airport, economic boom for the Villa de San Antonio, Comayagua

Almost 85% of the works on the Palmerola International Airport have been completed. How much development does this represent for the surroundings of this great airport complex?..... #Honduras #AeropuertoPalmerola

In the first instance, the construction of the airport has generated a considerable income for the community, since its labor has been taken 100% from Comayagua.

The construction company in charge of the project is completely Honduran, (EMCE) but has the professional advice of the prestigious Münich Aiport in its role as strategic partner. For a project of such magnitude it is necessary to have the solid experience of companies such as Münich Airport, which has a wide and vast experience in the construction of air terminals around the world.

The investment in this project is 260 million dollars, leaving an economic benefit in labor for the working class of approximately 8 million dollars per payroll. In less than a year the sector has received a good part of personal income.

The air terminal promises to be the best in Central America, at least that is what the interim president of Honduras Juan Orlando Hernández promises, who has congratulated those in charge of construction for a good management of the funds.

The benefits for the general population are as follows:

  1. Employment generation.

  2. Entrepreneurship opportunity

  3. Opportunity to innovate business strategies

  4. Accessibility in air fares. All Hondurans will have the opportunity to travel as the ticket costs will be extremely affordable.

  5. Greater air connectivity, before it had to be climbed in Guatemala to reach Mexico or it had to be climbed in Costa Rica to reach Spain, today Hondurans will be able to connect directly from Palmerola to Europe, Mexico, the United States and Canada.

  6. Greater security.

  7. Greater flow of tourists.

"I said it at that time and I repeat it again, from this colossal work: Palmerola has all the potential to be something more than an airport and having Munich airport as a partner is having an older brother, playing in the major leagues of the industry of aviation ", Juan Orlando Hernández.

Air tickets in Palmerola could be obtained up to 50% less than the current price.

How much benefit will the private company get from this infrastructure? and even more, how much benefit will the current government and the one that precede it get?

Honduras has much to improve, in order to promote tourism on a global scale, it is necessary to improve the country's roads. It is true that the highway that connects from San Pedro Sula through Comayagua to the capital of Honduras Tegucigalpa is beautiful, but what to say with the one that connects to the west. Its terrible state makes tourists and nationals delay up to an hour late as a result of braking for hundreds of potholes and sections in poor condition of the road, and they were not ruined by hurricanes Eta and Iota, they have been like this for years, the hurricanes only finished off it.

Just as the prices of air tickets will be accessible, the products that the private company and businesses located at the airport will sell will be accessible. It often happens that you get cheaper crafts from Honduras abroad than in the same country that produces them.

Will a Honduran, who is going to pick up a relative from Europe, be able to have a cup of coffee while he waits for a good price? We hope that the trade does not make the prices of its products so desired by foreigners and locals go through the roof.

How much will it cost to rent a house in the area? We cannot deny that when development comes to the towns the surplus value changes, but it must be guided in a wise way to such a degree that it does not go through the roof and is accessible to anyone who for work must move to the sector.

Dear reader, how will you take advantage of this development in the country? you can leave us your comment.

There are many ways to take advantage. In Carodka Studio Blog, we will leave you some ideas on how to get a piece of cake in this economic boom that is coming, making money intelligently will improve your quality of life and that of yours.


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