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Selena Quintanilla to release new album

You may be surprised by the headline of this note. How is it possible for Selena Quintanilla to release a new album if she died more than 20 years ago?

Selena Quintanilla junto a su madre amorosa

Well, it's not about him being resurrected or anything like that, it's about the organization behind the #Selena brand releasing a new album. Don Abraham Quintanilla revealed that they are negotiating a contract with the Sony Music label to publish a new Selena album.

The producer will obviously be A.B. Quintanilla and will have ten unreleased songs that are part of the family catalog. "A.B. chose ten songs to which new musical arrangements were made that sound incredible," said the patriarch of the family.

Those songs, he explained, were chosen from among the fifty songs that they have saved and that Selena recorded when she was between 13 and 18 years old. According to the statements of Abraham Quintanilla, the only intention is to keep the legacy of the deceased singer alive, as well as to make her talent known to new generations.

In addition, the patriarch of the family stressed that there are fans who are wanting to know more about the artist's life as a result of the series launched on Netflix about the life of the Quintanilla family, starring Selena the Queen of Tex Mex.

We are already looking forward to that #SelenaQuintanilla album, if you liked his songs, surely you are looking forward to listening to those unreleased songs.


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