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Huge Fire in Guanaja, Honduras.

The unfortunate incident began in the early hours of the morning, taking many residents by surprise. Its causes are still unknown.

Moments that were lived on the Island of oblivion Guanaja.

Guanaja, Islas de la Bahía.

A voracious fire of great magnitude broke out this Saturday on the beautiful island of Guanaja, Honduras. The events led to the request for support from members of the La Ceiba and Tegucigalpa Fire Department on the grounds that there is no fire station on the island. This activates the alarms in the area since immediate assistance in the area is totally necessary. Municipal authorities must consider how important a Fire Department is in the Area. If something so minimal cannot be had on the island, what will happen to public hospitals?

Mireya Guillén, vice-mayor of Guanaja, stressed that the fire was so big that it could not be put out. ”Many hours passed without being able to quell the flames.

This insular part of Honduras will surely need a lot of help in every way. The presidential program "With chamba you live better" of the presidency of the Republic of Honduras, made available to all affected citizens on the Island of Guanaja, immediate jobs in the cleaning and reconstruction areas, this will allow them to obtain immediate money since By caring for their families and homes, they have neglected their sources of income that come from fishing and tourism.

Media of national stature such as HCH, are carrying out tele marathons with an altruistic objective, to give food, clothing and livelihoods to our affected compatriots who need it so much. We can all join in.

We learned about the case of a single parent family who were affected by the tragedy. Luisa and her 2, 4 and 7 year old children found out what was happening thanks to the fact that a courageous neighbor, a true hero, forced the door lock to get them out, Luisa and her youngest children were fast asleep so they did not they took calls from George, the brave neighbor. When we asked her the reasons why she did not respond to George's call, she replied: "My children and I have had serious financial problems from the Covid 19 pandemic, we have spent two critical weeks without being able to get food, days without eating. That night, a few hours before the accident, my children asked me for dinner, but I couldn't get anything to eat, we went to bed with practically an empty stomach, I told my children to go to sleep so as not to feel hungry, so we slept soundly and weakened. "

Even without eating it was 12:00 noon without her and her children trying food. People like her need a lot of help.

“Right now we need the help of everything: food, clothes, water and oxygen tanks. People have already been evacuated to the mainland of the island, ”said the deputy mayor.

If you want to help Hondurans who are being affected, you can send us your help through the PayPal account:


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