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The universe | Wonders of creation

Do you have any idea how big the universe is? How many stars are in our Milky Way?

How many galaxies are there in known space?

In a clear and starry sky, we can see about 3,000 stars at a glance. Many of them form a diffuse band called the Milky Way.

Our sun is just one of the 200 to 400 billion stars that make up the Milky Way.

Astronomers believe that this galaxy clusters together with 100,000 other galaxies in a huge structure called a supercluster. It is estimated that there are about two trillion galaxies, between them all form the physical universe.

The number of stars and the distances between them are unimaginable.

In addition, the immense energy they give off is almost impossible to understand.

Knowing these details of where we stand helps us to reflect on how insignificant we are in the universe even in the world. The Wonders of Creation make us meditate on how we lead life. Feeling more important than others just because you have special abilities is not the most sensible thing for a human being to do. It is good to fight for dreams but no one should be brought to meet to achieve them selfishly because in the universe we are not immortal.


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