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Tourists, on this Morazan holiday, must carry their vaccination card.

The vaccination card must stipulate the two doses already applied.

The Card must be the one issued by the Ministry of Health at the time of vaccination.

Civil Society and Members of the National Commission for the Prevention of Mass Mobilizations (Conapremm) asked the National Risk Management System (SINAGER) to require tourists who visit the various tourist sectors of Honduras to carry their respective vaccination card stipulating the two doses already applied.

If you plan to visit some tourist areas in Honduras, keep in mind that you should not forget the vaccination card in your travel suitcase, it is possible that if you do not carry it, they will not even allow you to circulate on the roads of the country.

Omar Zanabria, a citizen, says that "asking for the vaccination card to circulate is a measure that violates human rights. There are people who have not received the vaccine because they were hit by Covid-19 and the doctor has told them not to placing said doses to avoid complications, if they deny us circulation just because we do not have both doses, they violate our rights and will cause less influx of people to go to these areas for tourism. "

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Juan Carlos Ríos, owner of a tourist center in Catacamas, remains open to any decision made by the authorities. "We are going to follow the rules that they ask of us so that we are all protected from this disease," said Juan Carlos.

The Government of Honduras has asked the population to be aware of the indications provided by Sinager during this Morazánica Week.

Carodka Studio recommends that you comply with all the measures that the authorities stipulate, these are designed for the safety of the citizenry.

This holiday week, it is an opportunity that many food restaurants, hotels and tourist centers have, to make a monetary profit (Money). The laws of the country must ensure that these benefit entrepreneurs who are struggling to get ahead and get their families out of the calamity in which we have been submerged since the pandemic.

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