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Quimistán, Santa Bárbara, land of charm and beauty | Episode 1

In the mountainous depths of Western Honduras, with 740.9 km2 and 182 meters above sea level, is the so-called: prosperous Quimistán valley, belonging to the department of Santa Bárbara, Honduras. (Land of charm and beauty).

In 1791, the town was part of the Curato de Petoa, which Don Pedro de Alvarado took to distribute.

In 1825, it was part of the San Pedro Party (today the city of San Pedro Sula).

But on June 28, 1825, it was officially founded as a municipality in the department of Santa Bárbara. Its patronal feast is in honor of San Juan Bautista on June 24 is the day of commemoration according to the influential Catholic Church in the region.

Discovered in the year 1,534, it has an endearing wealth of history.

In recent decades, Quimistan has seen apparent economic progress in municipal corporate administrations from 2010 to 2021.

According to the official 2020 census, it has a population of 60,048 inhabitants.

In the video you can see current images of how this municipality has prospered in recent years and how people, in their own way, contribute to its economic development.

Its central plaza Juan José Guevara, was modernized in municipal management from 2010 to 2014 under the administration of Juan José Guevara Figueroa. Its pedestrian walks, gardens and water fountains, allows locals to spend pleasant moments with the family, allows free Wi-Fi internet connectivity. That modern!

This square gives the municipality a lot of showiness.

Its lands are ideal for livestock and agriculture, possessing a fertile valley, rich in minerals and abundant water. Definitely a prosperous place in Honduras.

Quimistán has a unique and singular corner called Pinalejo, a village whose history fills the locals with pride. It is famous because it was the birthplace of three presidents of Honduras: Doctor Miguel Paz Barahona, and his cousins ​​Luis Bogran and Francisco Bogran.

The current mayor of Quimistán is Juan Jose Guevara Escalante. He is the father of the late and disappeared mayor Juan Jose Guevara Figueroa who died on April 17, 2018. He took office with the death of his son. Juan Jose Guevara Escalante is the current husband of Concepción Guevara, current deputy for the National party in the department of Santa Bárbara.

The Municipal Corporation is under the administration of the totally nationalist ruling party.

Quimistan and its main economic activity

Quimistan is a municipality dedicated to livestock and its derivatives, such as dairy, and agriculture and its derivatives. In the same municipality in the Naco sector, there are transnational factories or maquilas that generate development in the sector, these are: Green Valley Industrial Park ('green valley industrial park') is a settlement of several multinational companies that were installed since 2005 It comes from mixed capital (Pakistani, Honduran and American), it has several plants installed. Also Lear Corporation has a complex manufacturing plant for car connections of well-known brands.

Pride Performence Fabrics has precedence with a complex of factories, it is a leading supplier of synthetic and cotton fabrics in Central America.

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